• WiseEnergy
    We offer all services required to manage
    and operate large scale renewable PV plants and wind farms
    throughout their entire life cycles

WiseEnergy is the largest and fastest growing independent renewable energy plant operator and the only fully integrated asset management company providing a complete range of technical, financial, administrative and operational services.

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Two different portfolios of PV plants, located closely one to the other and with the same installed power

  • The production of the managed portfolio is higher than the monitored one
  • The managed portfolio performs on average 13% better than the other one
  • The production surplus lead to 50,000€ of extra gain per every MW installed


(1): Calculated on a 1MW PV plant through a full equity investment

  • Solid relationships with the counterparts involved in the various phases of the PV plants and wind farms’ lifecycle
  • The combination of the various interventions can result in up to €45.000 of savings in absolute terms, corresponding to a 2.2€ increase of the unlevered IRR of the investment (1)
  • This reduction represents on average ca 43% of the operating revenues of a representative PV plant