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In line with its mission - to provide investors and financiers with cutting-edge services and high added value in the renewable energy sector - WiseEnergy has created a specialised work unit dedicated to innovation, which aims at both continuously improving the range of services already offered and developing revolutionary procedures to be applied now and in the future.

The renewable energy sector, as well as the entire energy market in general, is experiencing an unprecedent dynamism, with the entry of advanced digital technologies at every stage, from production to sale, from maintenance to management. Within this context, WiseEnergy is determined to support its Clients in maximising the productivity and availability of their assets through the commitment to develop and to apply innovative products (such as coating, or power optimizers) and digital services (such as measurement of soiling, or preventive maintenance). WiseEnergy innovation unit uses a combined approach between the Technology Push innovation methodology (starting from the technology and developing a new service to the market) and the Market Pull method (analysing the needs of the market giving hints to the realization of the innovative idea). Moreover, an iterative innovation approach is applied, which starts from the scouting of new technologies and, through the analysis of the actual application in fields, reaches the innovation of the service provided.

The WiseEnergy innovation unit is led by Diego Molina, who collaborates with over 25 specialised engineers across the organisation. Diego is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in R&D, built through different professional and methodological fields, both in universities and in the R&D function of multinational companies, after achieving a PhD in nanotechnology at Milan Polytechnic and a MBA at SDA Bocconi in Milan.

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