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The deadline for annual declarations to Agenzia delle Dogane expired on the 31 March. WiseTech - the WiseEnergy’s division dedicated to technical advisory - benefits from a skilled team, specialized in bringing to successful conclusion this process or in rectifying mistakes in declarations.

Our experience taught us that inaccuracies are noticed in about 10% of these declarations and the most common mistakes that need corrections are related to questions set in the previous years, in particular:

  • - Incorrect transcription of the reading meter
  • - Incorrect transcription of the meter serial number
  • - Not consecutiveness of annual declarations
  • - Reading meter: wrong communication of the constant
  • - Necessity to insert an amount of not recorded energy
  • - Meter: lack in communications about its replacement

Wise Energy has a 5 year experience in adjusting these inaccuracies. Our working method consists of a communication with the dedicated custom agency, the re-edition and the delivery of correct declarations with the EDI portal.

It is possible to heal declarations, with voluntary correction, only for a maximum of 5 years preceding the current fiscal year. The penalty to be paid in this case, according to Art. 13 decree 472/1997 b-ter, amounts to one-sixth of the minimum if the correction of mistakes or omissions happens after the due date for the presentation of declarations related to following year in which the violation occurred, or rather when periodic declaration is not expected, after 2 years from the omission or the mistake.

And what about you? Are you sure your declarations are correct?

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