• WiseEnergy
    We offer all services required to manage
    and operate large-scale renewable plants
    throughout their entire life cycles

WiseEnergy is the largest and fastest growing independent renewable energy plant operator and the only fully integrated asset management company providing a complete range of technical, financial, administrative and operational services.

Reporting and rating of renewable energy assets

  • Calculation and review of main technical and financial KPIs
  • Performance measurement based on independent SCADA system

Monitoring and rating of portfolio credit risk

  • Variance analysis on business plans
  • Sensitivity analysis at portfolio level in case of change in law (e.g. Spalma incentivi)
  • Independent covenant (ratio) calculation

  • Combination of technical and financial expertise to ensure effective services at every level
  • Use of proprietary customized software
  • Installation of proprietary monitoring devices

Technical permitting due diligence and visual inspections

  • Visual inspections and on site instrumental tests
  • Diagnostic analysis to detect the underperformance causes of financed assets

Ad-hoc advisory and remedy in case of distressed assets

  • Advisory and remedies in case of distressed assets
  • Assessment of consistency of PV modules/main equipment certifications

  • Unique ability to anticipate and quickly solve technical issues leveraging the wealth of experience from asset management
  • Support in identifying investment opportunities and entering new markets
  • Technical and administrative support in debt raising re-negotiation
  • Sell-side and buy-side financial advisory and project management